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Silver Street

In 2016 we did a complete renovation of our house. Studio SBD was a pleasure to work with. 

We strongly believe our home would not have come out as gorgeous as it did without Sylvie being involved, and we strongly recommend using Studio SBD for any of your architectural and design needs.
From the beginning Sylvie understood us and was patient with our indecisiveness when it came to making final decisions. She was always available to answer calls and texts regarding our home; she was excellent with knowing exactly where everything needed to go, measuring the most minute details like the exact location of outlets and the proper dimensions for mirrors, reminding us which closets in each space would be for each item, basically everything you don't think of prior to entering your new built home.

Once the construction was complete it was a bittersweet experience, since we were super excited to move into our home but yet sad to know what working with Sylvie and her team on a daily basis would come to an end. 

Current Street

Having to do a full renovation of our home was a daunting task. We’re so happy that we found Sylvie and her team early in the process. Her knowledge and professionalism alleviated so much of the minutia related to a large construction project. Her modern design ideas were fully incorporated into our final plan. We love the cove ceiling idea, and the suggestions she had for lighting and tile. The house came out amazing. We would highly recommend Sylvie for your next project. 

Lake Serene

... As soon as we started working together, you felt like family to us.. your  professionalism, work ethics, humility and honesty are something you don't see nowadays. Sylvie's taste and knowledge in decor is out of this world. She basically made us "evolve" throughout the whole process, which is a very hard thing to achieve.

Through the design and construction process Sylvie and her team introduced to new materials, looks , textures and combinations, that shocked us at first, because they were out of our "comfort zone" but with some "work" on us, we came into senses and finally understood the difference between  "blahh"... and "wow!!!"

I'm so happy Sylvie took the time to "educate" us and not just impose the things she thought would look good.

Sylvie will definetely push you for the wow factor, all while maintianing your personality and taste.. Just be smart enough to listen to her. She definitely knows what she is doing...

West Side

Working with Sylvie and her team in the Architecture and Design of our House was the best decision we could have made. From the very first meeting she focused on listening to what we really wanted and needed. She then translated all of our wishes into fantastic architectural ideas that truly captured our personalities and highlighted the look we wanted to achieve for our home. The final design and completed project was even better than what we were looking for.

Blue Waters

As I am a large specialty contractor, my wife and I had sizable expectations and knew we were demanding clients. Sylvia was recommended to my wife via word of mouth in our neighborhood. We scheduled a meeting with her to talk and view her previous work….we instantly hit it off. She was knowledgeable, detail oriented, and had immaculate tastes. We immediately proceeded to contract and Sylvia went to work. After an initial consultation to get our wishes, within no time we had a preliminary design for review. We met and tweaked the design and again, changes were done in short order. She recommended contractors that had previous produced positive results for her and their work was beautiful. She spent countless hours, well over her contractual obligation, researching finishes, furniture, fabrics, etc. so our project turned out to be everything we envisioned…..and it did. Outside of small accessory furniture pieces that we discussed during construction, we have been completed for almost a year now and we still get the occasion text with a suggestion for those remaining accessory items….that is her level of commitment.

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