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Virtual Design 

Discover the convenience and flexibility of Studio SBD Virtual Interior Design Services—an efficient customizable alternative to our traditional full-service projects.

The Process

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-All drawings and designs produced are copyright property of SB Design Studio LLC. The reproduction or commercialization of designs, drawings, specifications and related documents in whole or in part is strictly forbidden without previous written permission.  

-SBD does not control item stock or availability. If more than a week passes once final design is submitted, SBD is not responsible for an out-of-stock item. 

- SBD is not responsible for measurements. The client is fully responsible to send accurate measurements and images for the space in order for SBD to send through accurate design layouts. SBD is not responsible for incorrect measurements. 

-SBD is not responsible for the delivery, scheduling or state of the items ordered. The client is entirely responsible for purchasing and returning any and all items on the final submitted list.

Enquire For Virtual Design Services

Area to be designed
Upload File via PDF
Upload File via PDF
Upload File via jpg
Upload File via jpg

Thank you for getting in touch for SBD Virtual Design. We will be in touch within 48 hours to book you in.

Additional Extras

Additional Revisions 

1 Round of Revisions:

 Includes a 30 minute zoom & revision board


 1 on 1 Consulting

Additional assistance to assemble the designed Space, these consults will be available via zoom, or FaceTime.

45 min: $190

60 min: $250
90 min $375

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